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USE NEWS | August #2 New Affiliates

Hi users, there will be no dilly-dallying this week, if you don’t already know its Ruth from USE App here bringing you this weeks update.

Our affiliates

Let’s go straight into it this week; we have a new retailer, along with some affiliates we have partnered with recently. We are pleased to announce that we are now affiliated with a household brand you’ll know and recognise from their many years building brand image and providing us with memorable tech gadgets. As you can tell we are pleased to have entered into a partnership with this company as we could learn a thing or 2. However, we don’t only have one name brand this week we have 4 in total, all of which are doing a great job of providing us with great value for money products. So here we go, keep reading, I promise you won’t be disappointed.



Tech Next day, Landerry Industrial Estate, Portsmouth 

This company is a leading online retailer and provider of all the latest Technology, at very favourable prices. Place your order today and your purchase will be delivered free the very next day, and this isn’t dependant on the sum spent either; with Tech Next day ALL purchases get free delivery. We all know what it’s like to order something and not know when it’ll arrive and having to wait for that God damn email confirmation to come through – Tech Next day has eliminated this problem for all of us. Picture this, a vastly stocked warehouse and network of logistics experts, all awaiting to pick, pack and deliver your order. This is what’s on offer when you place an order with Tech Next Day, whether this is for a Network gadget or for Gaming furniture, you’ll have the product the next day with all the delivery status updates to match. Click here to browse the catalogue for gadgets like motherboards, hard drives, desktops and many more.


This online wine merchant was established in 2002 when two friends came together sharing a common passion for entrepreneurship and wine; Vinatis was born. With the goal of demystifying wine in mind, Vinatis now provide accessibility to new generations and manage the business by avoiding risky investments. What’s lovely is they see each and every one of their 40 employees strong team as their family. The ambitious Olivier and Manu now help consumers choose their bottle of wine, by offering a real selection at the best price. Having established a long-standing relationship with winemakers, Vinatis are able to maintain a good reputation based on reliability, usability and web design. The website is created to be interactive, by providing tips on storage, food pairings and a tasting committee of 7 sommeliers. Voted the best online wine merchant in 2009, this was a result of many years of building customer loyalty and providing knowledge so customers can make an informed decision when picking their wine.  For my fellow wine drinkers, Click here to find the perfect bottle of white, blush or red.


As we all already know, Samsung is an internationally recognised brand providing innovative technology and products. Let me know in the comment section if any of you have never heard of this worldwide brand… We may need to do a giveaway to ensure you understand what you have been missing out on, just kidding! Our new partnership with Samsung means we get all the latest deals straight from them before they’re released to everyone online – pretty cool huh?! Most recently, Samsung has launched “Vision 2020” through which they aim to create a better world with richer digital experiences. They will achieve this by:

  1. Using innovative technology and products
  2. Becoming a beloved brand
  3. Dedicating efforts to shared value with partners, and people
  4. Exploring new business areas such as healthcare and automotive electronics
  5. & Welcoming new challenges and opportunities with joy

Samsung currently has the following products on offer, 0% finance on all products over the price of £249, and you can pay by PayPal Credit. And you can save £300 on a Galaxy S10+ 1TB. Click here to browse

Razvan Fitness-eyes

To conclude we are bringing you, one retailer, this week, which is Razvan a personal trainer who is available all day every day 7 days a week. He provides one-on-one training sessions in and around the London area to suit your individual needs, with an exclusive offer on a specialised nutrition plan. Be sure to maximise training results by taking advantage of this amazing offer, £150 per month for unlimited personal training sessions or £35 per session. With his understanding of each customer’s needs, Razvan has tailored his service to cater for different training environments. Whether you want to meet at the local park, gym, or would rather train within your home Razvan can schedule you in. So, there is really no excuse for not reaching your fitness goals. Check out Razvan’s client gallery and Click here to make a booking.

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