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Top 10 tip for holidaying in the UK

Top 10 Tips for Holidaying in the UK 

In the age of social media, it is easy to glamorise travelling to faraway destinations, this can easily lead to dissatisfaction at the idea of staying within the UK during the summer holidays. However, the best option for families and those whose budget isn’t extensive is to find destinations within the UK for a day trip or overnight trip at low cost. Granted there are people who don’t relish the idea of going abroad for other reasons, but I personally find that it is often far too costly to get the same level of comfort as I already have in my own flat, plus once I’ve paid my rent I want my money’s worth. Let us know on social media if you agree? 


There are many great places to make memories and treat your taste buds around the country. By downloading USE app you can stay clued up on what’s available as you travel around the country, download this now here and here. Depending on your budget there are quaint little cafés such as Wayland’s yard, or daytime adventures such as the Ancoats Peepholes. It’s these places that we often forget about when planning a holiday, so if you’re planning to stay in the country this summer, keep reading as I have compiled a list of the top 10 places to visit in the UK -these places will save you money but provide a good day out or weekend away to have you feeling refreshed as we edge closer and closer to autumn.

After making a success of their first coffee store in Worcester, Waylands Yard” are now part of Birmingham’s speciality coffee scene. Bringing a proper Brunch and Lunch offering to City & Colmore Row. Whether you need a place to meet up with friends, want to spend the day in a coffee house doing some admin or are shattered from shopping at the bullring, this is the place to be. Waylands Yard let the coffee & food do all the talking with their simple but elegant style even their website is indicative of the nature of this business. This local business is also very community focused providing a place for everyone from all walks of life, and to top it all off they’ve got a shop dog called Kobe. While you’re there check out their “pay it forward scheme” set up to encourage customers to help make little contributions towards local community focused Charities such as “Maggs Day Centre”, “Let’s Feed Brum” and “Home For Good”.

  •  Moseley Road Baths, 497 Moseley Road, Birmingham, B12 9BX

Another phoenix conveniently located in Birmingham is “Moseley Road Baths”, this swimming baths is the ideal place for a daytime activity as a singleton, or a family as it is perfectly tailored for children. As we all know, swimming is a useful life skill and an easy way to fit in exercise for those of us who aren’t regular gym goers. Swimming seems like somewhat of a pastime now, but it has been in our culture for decades as many of us recall taking a school trip to the local swimming baths and spending the afternoon splashing about.  Make time for this pool which is a wonderful beloved piece of Birmingham’s history. This place was opened in 1907, and has still managed to remain open to the public, so go and check out the buildings unique history and architecture.

  •  The Old Rep Theatre, station street, B5 4DY

The Independent Birmingham described The Old rep Theatre with 3 words “Iconic, Unique and Intimate”. This theatre is fast becoming an obvious choice in Birmingham’s theatre scene, aside from the talent being discovered through it, attendee’s love the ambience. Ask the locals for the best theatre in town and any brummie will mention this one alongside the favourite which we all know is the Hippodrome. The main reason people keep on coming back is the old rep’s renown, whilst stationed at the heart of the city, the old rep has provided a brummie twist to nurturing creative talent and curating an array of theatrical performances. It seats 380 people, with a showcase of comedy, drama, dance and musicals.

  • Floating Cinema, Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

Over the next week Albert Dock in Liverpool will be hosting a pop up floating cinema, this sounds amazing and is definitely right up my street …well not literally since I live in Manchester. Regardless, this is the perfect treat for my nephew and I’m sure your family will love it too. With afternoon showings of films such as Finding Nemo, Shark Tale and the Goonies this is ideal for family time. For those who would rather spend the evening here, there is a showing of Titanic, or Mama Mia but be quick and book it now as the tickets are rapidly selling out. All this is on offer for the same prices you’ll pay at a local cinema, which means you won’t be splashing outside of your budget and will probably find that cinema food is more affordable at this outdoor event or you can just bring your own.

  • Immersive Harry Potter brunch & dinner St George Hall Liverpool

St George’s Hall is hosting the world of the great hall, I’m not sure if you heard of it, as not many people are as nerdy about Harry Potter as I am. This is the same dining experience which SOLD OUT when held in Australia and Canada. The Wizard’s brunch is a 3-hour immersive dining experience in the most amazing setting, you’ll be served a magically set up banqueting feast and will marvel at the entertainment which includes illusionists, living statues and fortune-tellers. Getting dressed up is a no brainer when attending this event, especially for those attending in the evening. 2 options are available, either brunch or dinner, the family-friendly brunch caters for under 18’s who can only attend with a parent or guardian. Tickets include meals and entertainment, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra because of hidden T&Cs, This event is open for pre-booking now so save the date, 23rd of November 2019.

  • The Magical Beatles Museum, 23 Mathew St, L2 6RE

Although it’s become somewhat of a cliché celebrating the best of UK music is important, and the Beatles are one of the greatest national treasures to have walked the streets of Liverpool. This Magical Beatles museum is stationed at the heart of the city, giving it the vibrance and authenticity you are looking for. The Magical Beatles Museum takes you into a Beatles shaped hole, showcasing an incredible bands journey from the early days in Liverpool and Hamburg all the way through to their rise to worldwide fame. Here you’ll see, up to as many as 300 items of memorabilia displaying the fellas from their innovative studio years. Original letters, posters, film footage, props, instruments, clothes, furniture and jewellery are on display and only this place offers a unique perspective into one of the UK’s greatest rock and roll bands of all time.

  • Netil360 Westgate Street, London

Some may call it hipster, but we all know this is just another word for progressive and upcoming. Take an afternoon or evening trip down to Netil360 as it is the perfect place to find other hipsters, or you can just bring the same people who call you hipster and show them why you don’t need their validation?. All jokes aside, this place looks amazing. Personally, I love a rooftop bar, especially one that offers a good atmosphere and isn’t so packed out that I have to que at the bar for half the night. According to Montclam “the rustic wooden décor provides a refreshingly unique alternative to the high-class bars found in Central London” this location is close to Shoreditch where you can find affordable hotels meaning you’re not trekking far after a few too many glasses of rose or those pint sized drinks everyone raves about.

  • Bounce, Farringdon, Old Street, London

Since opening in 2012 the bounce concept has gained recognition for being innovative and for being a triple threat. As Social entertainment venue’s go this is right up there, combining 3 elements: a bar, restaurant and the very entertaining centre of it all Table tennis…. some still call it ping pong but let’s not get into all that. Call it whatever you want this place is open during the day but turns the neon lights on when the sun goes down and has even been known for having games hosts such as Elle Macpherson and Gwyneth Paltrow. So, get a group of your most adventurous friends together and grab some cocktails then let the games begin. Award winning décor surrounds you as you take on friends in what is considered an unrivalled leisure experience.

  • The Ancoats Peepholes

Having lived in Manchester since 2017, I am a culprit for complaining that I have nothing to do, or that the events I want to attend are far too expensive. However, whilst researching for this blog I managed to find some hidden gems, 10 of which are physically and intentionally hidden. Originally installed by architect Dan Dubowitz, the “Ancoats peepholes” allow the explorers within each of us to glimpse permanent public artwork in hidden locations. Located within hidden locations around the city. You’ll have a task searching for them but find it very satisfying once all 10 are ticked off the list. Since I haven’t yet visited the peepholes myself, I can only give you 1 clue: which is that one of the peepholes is located inside a former mill. I am a very competitive person and wouldn’t

  • A Elizabeth Gaskell’s House

The former home of famous author Elizabeth Gaskell and her family, for 150 years this house has been associated with the novelist who lived here between 1850-1865. Notable visitors include other novelists such as Charlotte Bronte and Charles Dickens. This restored home offers a timeline-based insight into the life of the author, there is also a villa garden and a tearoom for visitors to enjoy. Gaskell is the author of Mary Barton, Cranford, North and South and Ruth and The Wives and Daughters as enjoyed on television, stage and radio. These books alongside many others can be found in the bookshop, located within what was originally the kitchen. Special events are held here all year round, so I’ve got no reason to keep complaining.

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