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There’s loads of ways to find great offers. Simply scroll though a tailored list of everything that’s too good to miss. Or if you’re out and about, click Near me to uncover unmissable offers right where you are.

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Choose your offer and we’ll show you all the details, all the impartial reviews and all the fine print.

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To take advantage of the offer, simply download the App for FREE. There’s no hidden fees and no hidden charges, plus you’re free to cancel at anytime you like.

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To redeem the offer, simply show the screen to your server or sales assistant. They’ll do the rest.

Savings worth celebrating!

When you’re done, let us know how much you’ve saved and we’ll keep track of your total savings so far. You’ll be amazed how quickly it adds up!

Use it.

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"The deals are incredible! I've saved loads!" Matthew, Manchester

Frequently Asked Questions

What is use?

Use is a discount app which unlocks thousands of offers for its members to use in their everyday life, from shopping to cinemas to eating out plus many more.

How much does Use cost?

We have two pricing models, 1. £3.99 per month on a monthly rolling basis or a twelve month subscription for £39.90 (12 months for the price of 10)

Where can i use the app?

We have partnered up with thousands of retailers across the country offering exclusive discounts and offers for our members – just open the app and search for chosen category in your chosen area to see what offers are available to you, also bare in mind we are adding new retailers and offers on a daily basis for our members.

How do i get my discount?

Simply select the offer you wish to use, present your app to the retailer and the discount will be applied to your bill

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